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  • ULS 3500 loading table
    ULS 3500 loading table for Orbiter conveyor

    ULS 3500 loading table

    The loading table ULS 3500 can be mounted to a MULAG Orbiter conveyor belt vehicle to unload general cargo from the main deck of aircraft that cannot be reached directly with the Orbiter due to the increased loading height.

    To unload the aircraft, a passenger staircase is first placed at the door of the aircraft as a safeguard against falling. The MULAG Orbiter with loading table is docked to the side of the retracted railing of the staircase for unloading. Now the general cargo is fed from the passenger deck via the loading table to the conveyor belt and safely transported downwards.

    Advantages for unloading the main deck

    With the ULS 3500 conveyor extension, the range of applications of the Orbiter conveyor belt vehicle is significantly extended by means of a low-cost solution; common aircraft types up to the B747 can be handled with it.

    Unloading general cargo from the passenger deck becomes more efficient and safer. In the process, the packages or pieces of luggage are continuously conveyed downwards by the conveyor belt for further loading.

    Technical data loading table
    Dimensions Loading table length approx. 4,700 mm
    Useable length approx. 3,500 mm
    Usable loading table width approx. 700 mm
    Weight approx. 130 kg
    Miscellaneous Weight of the load (max.) 30 kg
    Surface load (max.) 50 kg/m

    Adding the ULS 3500 loading table to reach the passenger deck results in the following increase in handling heights for the upper belt end (at the respective position of the rear belt end):

    Handling height
    Orbiter 7.5 Orbiter 9
    end of belt is at its lowest point 4.75 m 5.25 m
    End of belt max. lifted 5.44 m 5.88 m