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  • The easy and flexible way to service a tunnel

    TWG 600-L

    With the newly developed tunnel cleaner TWG 600-L, a cleaning system has been provided that not only washes the ceilings and walls of tunnel sections but also allows for efficient cleaning of niches and road surfaces.

    It is equipped with a powerful high-pressure water pump with an input of 100 kW. At its maximum delivery rate, it distributes the contents of the large 13,500 litre tank in about 35 minutes.

    Boom arm of the TWG 600-L

    The three-section high-pressure spray bar with its maxi- mum width of 3.6 m hydraulically adjusts to the contour of the surface to be cleaned. As a special feature, it is continually adjustable in all three axles. It flexibly cleans walls, ceilings and the road surface adjacent to the vehicle, as well as the tunnel lights. Ultrasonic sensors help the operator to keep constant the distance between the washing system and the surface to be cleaned. Each of the three spray tubes can be switched on and off individually and independently of the others. If necessary, the arm can also be used for left-hand operation.

    The boom arm of the TWG 600-L can be extended up to 6 m to the side and 8.5 m in vertical direction; it is mounted between the driver's cab and the water tank. The key benefits of this arm design are the hydraulic lateral shift of the boom system, as well as the telescope in the first arm. All functions can be controlled hydraulically from the operating panel in clear view of the operator.

    TWG 600-L with high-pressure road washing bar

    The three-section high-pressure road cleaning bar with a maximum width of 5.1 m, likewise designed in three sections, is attached at the front. The key feature of this device is the central telescopic extension that can be moved forward by 1.4 m, giving the driver sitting in regular work position a good view of this additional working attachment. The two outside spray bars can be lifted by 0.35 m for optimum sidewalk cleaning. Each of the three spray tubes of the road washing bar can likewise be switched on and off individually independent of the others. Furthermore, the entire front-mounted cleaning system offers a time-controlled automated park-in function.

    At the rear of the vehicle, a sewer flushing unit is mounted. It is equipped with a hydraulically driven hose reel with 120m of high-pressure hose. The hose reel has a 90 degree swivel range, a continuous drive, and a meter counter to indicate the length of uncoiled hose. The water pressure of 105 bar at 230 l/min is powerful enough for demanding sewer cleaning jobs. The device is entirely controlled via remote control. The professional truck-mounted tunnel washer furthermore offers a high-pressure hand lance mounted at the rear of the vehicle, various boxes, storage compartments and shelves for tools and accessories, as well as a radio-controlled flashing lED arrow - an indispensable road safety feature - and a rear-view camera.

Technical dataReach diagram
Carrier vehicle
  • Mercedes-Benz Actros 2046A
  • V6 engine 335KW / 456 HP / Euro 5
  • hydrostatic drive up to 10 km/h
  • electro-hydraulically steered trailing axle
  • cabin with panorama glazing 
  • driver seat adjustable in 3 axes
  • height adjustable front mounting plate

Reach diagram of the TWG 600-L (Washing brush)

Reach diagram of the TWG 600-L (High-pressure bar)

Water tank


  • capacity 13500 ltr. made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) 
  • electronic water level measurement
High-pressure water pump
  • Type: URACA  KD 716-G
  • water flow rate: 391 l/min.    
  • max. water pressure: 140 bar      
  • electronic level sensors
Boom with high-pressure spray bar
  • for cleaning ceilings, walls and niches
  • hydraulic lateral shift: 1800 mm
  • hydraulic telescopic arm: 1000 mm
  • max. horizontal reach:  up to 6m 
  • max. vertical reach:  up to 8.5m     
  • applicable with wasching brushes   
  • max. working width: 3600 mm (2000 + 2x800 mm)
  • turns/swivels around 3 axes
  • touchless ultrasonic scanning

Road wasching bar

  • max. working width: 5100 mm (2500 + 2x1300 mm)
  • hydr. telescopic shifting 1.4m
  • can be swivelled bothsides by 30°
  • lateral parts height adjustable for 250 mm
  • hydr. and additionally mechanical collision protection
Sewer flushing device
  • 120 m hose reel 
  • high pressure hose DN 25 (1 Inch)
  • hydr. winch + reeling device
  • Winch swivels 45° to the right/left
  • control and regulation unit for continuous drive
  • free wheeling function and meter counter
  • opt. remote control
  • light warning unit with flashing arrow
  • high pressure hand lance with 15m hose
  • tool and material box
  • LED working lights