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MFK 500-T at work

Tunnel cleaning

Road tunnels play an increasingly important role in transport policy to divert traffic from inner cities and sensitive environments. Here, clean and bright tunnels are indispensable for a safe traffic flow.

As a leading manufacturer and successful market player, MULAG offers different tunnel cleaning equipment for attachment to and installation on Unimogs, trucks and tractors.

Professional tunnel washing

Designed primarily as a tool for the Unimog, the MFK 500-T masters almost all kinds of tunnel washing requirements. The tunnel washing brush TWB 2100 thoroughly cleans smooth tunnel surfaces. The pressure washer available as an option can be used on its own or as an addition. The fully automated ultrasonic control of the tunnel washing brush reduces the workload for the operator for fatigue-freeworking. The hydraulic cross shifting device comprised in the standard delivery provides for extra user friendliness and flexibility.

TWG 600 L

TWG 600-L – High-tech for large tunnels

For professional use in large-sized tunnels, MULAG designed the truck-mounted tunnel washer TWG 600-L. With its 13,500 litres water tank, the operator can work the pressure washer and the brush for extended periods of time without refill. The operator works from a specifically adapted, ergonomic work station. The range of the power arm mounted on the truck is sufficient to wash the ceilings in high tunnels. All MULAG tunnel washing systems are equipped with a detergent dosing system.

  • More application photos

    High-pressure spray beam at the TWB 2100
    MFK 500-T mounted on MB Axor