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FWG 700 in a solar park

Maintenance of large-scale PV systems

The efficiency and useful life of PV modules greatly depends on the cleanliness of the surfaces. During cleaning, however, many different factors must be considered to avoid damage to the surface or to the modules themselves.

Specialist for the maintenance of large-scale PV system

For these specific demands in cleaning PV systems, we designed the PV module washer FWG 700 and successfully tested in practice. Special features and a well-conceived cleaning concept make the FWG 700 an efficient special vehicle for the maintenance of large-scale PV systems.

PV module washer brush FWB 3200

PV module washer brush

The specifically developed washer brush cleans thoroughly with a minimum amount of water and without scratching the surface. The automatic control via ultrasonic sensor reduces the workload for the operator, and the integrated collision protection prevents damage in case of excessive contact pressure.

The PV module washer brush is available with a working width of 3.20 m and of 5 m. It can optionally be equipped with different spray pipes and nozzles.