MULAG Fahrzeugwerk
Heinz Wössner GmbH u. Co. KG

Gewerbestraße 8
77728 Oppenau

Tel. +49 7804 913-0

Fax +49 7804 913-149




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  • The MULAG service-team

    Our MULAG service-team is there for you if you have questions about MULAG products. Every aspect of maintenance and service can be adressed to trained and experienced specialists who can almost immediately provide you with working solutions to your questions.

    You can contact us for any kind of  equipment modifications and special solutions, as well. We are there to help you,
    Your MULAG-service-team.

    Your contact for after-sales service roadside maintenance

    Head of service

    Bernhard Huber
    Phone +49 7804 913-200
    E-Mail bernhard.huber(at)

    Service roadside maintenance

    Timo Kimmig
    Phone +49 7804 913-206
    E-Mail t.kimmig(at)

    Service roadside maintenance

    Matthias Frey
    Phone +49 7804 913-252

    Service roadside maintenance

    Jonas Eigner
    Phone +49 7804 913-201
    E-Mail jonas.eigner(at)

    Service roadside maintenance

    Patrick Spinner
    Phone +49 7804 913-201
    E-Mail patrick.spinner(at)

    Service roadside maintenance

    Manuel Kimmig
    Phone +49 7804 913-207
    E-Mail m.kimmig(at)

    Your contact for spare parts service roadside maintenance

    Head of spare parts service

    Nicole Hurst
    Phone +49 7804 913-210
    E-Mail nicole.hurst(at)

    Spare parts service

    Nicole Spissinger
    Phone +49 7804 913-204
    E-Mail nicole.spissinger(at)

    Spare parts service

    Michaela Kempf
    Phone +49 7804 913-107
    E-Mail michaela.kempf(at)

    Spare parts service

    Alina Huber
    Phone +49 7804 913-255
    E-Mail alina.huber(at)