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  • Greenery maintenance head

    ECO 1200

    Within MULAG's ECO-Nature-Pro product range, greenery maintenance head ECO 1200 is an excellent option for all boom systems without cuttings collection. With an innovative cutting unit, optimised air flow and cutting height as well as reduced roll-off area, it is ideally suited for the optimal implementation of the increased requirements for ecologically sustainable maintenance of roadside greenery to protect insects and plants.

    Both for the procurement of new professional mowing solutions and for supplementing existing solutions, the new greenery maintenance head is ideally suited for innovative ecological road maintenance concepts. The ECO 1200 can be used both in the intensive area of roadside greenery and in the extensive area for professional yet sustainable mowing of extensive roadside slopes to preserve valuable biological resources.

    Innovative disc mowing principle

    The greenery maintenance head is based on a new disc mowing principle that has been further developed especially for ecological requirements. The further development through the horizontal cut with small blades in the MULAG greenery maintenance head is designed in such a way that no suction effect is created from below. The newly developed disc mower is robust and efficient and works as gently as a beam mower, with the additional advantages of free cutting. The ecologically disadvantageous characteristics of a conventional flail mower head with horizontally rotating flail shaft, air intake from the front and open housing bottom have thus been eliminated.

    Increased cutting height to protect ground-dwelling animals

    The vertically rotating blades of the MULAG greenery maintenance head allow cutting heights of 10 cm - 15 cm. This is particularly gentle on living organisms close to the ground; in specialist literature, cutting heights greater than 10 cm are considered ecologically sustainable. For this reason, the ECO 1200 is designed so that it does not fall below this minimum cutting height. For animals living on the ground, the chance of survival is considerably improved compared to conventional systems. The cultivated area is nevertheless reliably mown out.

    Reduction of the area covered by rollover

    Driving over the mown area with a pressing roller with conventional mowing heads creates a risk of damage to living creatures on the ground. With a proven cutting width of 1.20 m, the MULAG ECO 1200 greenery maintenance head uses sensing rollers which only affect a small area. The reduced ground contact protects the ground-dwelling animals and at the same time reduces soil compaction in the green areas.

    Technical data Features
    Mowing width 1200 mm  
    • Chasing up of high-sitting insects and other creatures
      by scraper device before cutting
    • Large cutting height 10-15 cm - protection of
      small creatures on the ground
    • Cutting with narrow knives in a free cut,
      similar to a beam mower
    • Foreclosure of the cutting plane to the ground
    • Targeted airflow - no suction from the ground
      and from the front
    • Reduced ground contact - lifestock on the ground
      is protected, no soil compaction of the areas
    Total width (outside width) 1400 mm
    Max. speed of flail shaft 2750 rpm
    Cutters 8 pieces
    Weight approx. 350 kg
    Maximum permissible power consumption approx. 35 kW
    Hydraulic oil pressure max. 340 bar
    Flow rate hydraulic oil 62 l/min
    Working speed depending on growth up to 5 km/h