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  • Rear-mounted mower MHU 900
    Rear-mounted mower MHU 900

    MHU 900

    The innovative MHU 900 rear boom has been completely redesigned with a long reach, flexible application options and high operating comfort - optimally suited for professional mowing of extensive road embankments.

    Flexible due to two telescopes

    With its two integrated telescopic booms, the MHU 900 has an enormous reach of up to 9.5 m, with the telescope in the main boom giving 0.8 m of additional reach, and the telescope in the third boom giving a full 1.2 m. Thanks to the double telescoping capability, however, the tail boom can also be retracted very compactly for working close to the road.

    Optimised boom geometry

    Large portal height of the boom

    With its large portal height, the rear-mounted boom is also very well suited for driving over obstacles, such as traffic signs. The optimized boom geometry allows the machine to drive over obstacles up to 3.3 m high.

    The integrated lateral shift of the boom provides additional flexibility when driving around obstacles during mowing operations. In this way, work can usually continue uninterrupted despite obstacles, which enables an increase in work efficiency.

    Quickly brought into working position

    With the newly developed boom concept, the MHU 900 is quickly ready for operation from the cab via the integrated m|control operating panel system without additional setup work on the road. The hydraulic wheel support included in the delivery enables the suspension of the rear wheels to be blocked prior to mowing operation. This allows the operator to set an automatic and variable alignment of the vehicle independent of the initial position via the implement control. This increases operating safety and comfort and is also ideal for efficient one-man operation. The vehicle can thus be quickly brought into working readiness - especially on mowing routes that are often interrupted by obstacles such as bridge structures as well as underpasses and overpasses or similar.

    Clear field of view of the working attachment

    Ergonomic working with the MHU 900

    The MHU 900 boom system can be easily swung forward with the mowing head into the operator's optimum field of vision. In doing so, the system is equipped with sensors in the swivel function as well as in the boom arms, which effectively prevent a collision with the operator's cab. With the aid of the tilt and swivel device, the alignment of the mower head to the 90° position (mowing position) relative to the road is fully automatic and independent of the respective forward swivel angle of the boom system. This makes it much easier to control the mower; the swivel range is 224° in right and left-hand operation.

    Technical specifications Visibility range
    Reach* right up to 9.5 m / left up to 9.3 m
    Telescopes: 0.8 m (main arm), 1.2 m (boom 3)

    Large swivel range 224°
    Type of fitting Platform frame
    Lateral Shift 1200 mm
    Traversing height 3.3 m
    Swivel Range 224° Right/left operation
    Tilt-/Swivel device
    Tilting angle 50° each (left and right)
    Drive Vehicle-side power hydraulics
    Engine PTO (N05)
    Control electro-hydraulic proportional control, opt. automatic boom relief control m|tronic
    Special Features  
    • compact transport position
    • optimized boom geometry with high portal
    • fast operational readiness without setup work
    • hydraulic forward swiveling, continuously adjustable with control panel
    • suitable for right- and left-hand operation

    *All range data indicated refer to the maximum possible values measured from the centre of the vehicle and with a 1.20m mowing head