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  • The Trio-Mower combination


    With the combination of the MKM 700 and the rear mounted mower MHU 800 you get an extremely efficient power unit. In two-man operation all the grass within a 3 metre belt of grass is cut completely in one working cycle. With this concept you can get the most out of your Unimog!.
    At any time the mowing heads can be operated individually, as a double combination or all three together – this shows clearly the flexibility of the system and the high potential for reducing costs.

    Technical specifications Reach diagram
    Reach*Front mounted mower 6.7 m /7.2* m
    Verge mower 3.0 m
    Rear mounted mower up to 7.3 m

    Reach diagram of the Trio-Mower
    Lateral shiftFront mower 850 mm / 1300* mm
    Rear mower 1600 mm
    Special feautures
    • Arm relief system m|tronic
    • The mowers can be operated independently

    * after dismounting of the verge mower / All range data indicated refer to the maximum possible values measured from the centre of the vehicle and with a 1.20m mowing head