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FME 600 in left-hand side

MULAG Front mower

Our front mounted mowing equipment is fixed to the front attachment plate of the Unimog and well suited for one-man-operation. The front-axle locking device (torsion frame) prevents chassis distortion – thus the equipment can also be used in rough terrain.

Easy and flexible

Our power arms have a reach of up to 7.4 m. All types of equipment can be used either for right-hand or left-hand operation. The drive is provided either via the vehicle power hydraulics or via front PTO-shaft. The large range of working attachments for MULAG front-mounted power arms guarantees the operation all year-round.

  • Front mowers for the UNIMOG

    MFK 400
    MFK 500
    MFK 500-T
    FME 500
    FME 500 DB
    FME 600
  • Overview Technical Specifications

    Overview Technical Specifications

    Product Application Mounting Reach Transport position
    MFK 400 Boom mower for light carrier vehicles front mounted up to 5.1 m front side
    MFK 500 Boom mower for tight road areas front mounted up to 7.0 m front side
    MFK 500-T Washing of road tunnels front mounted up to 6.5 m horizontally
    up to 7.4 m vertically
    front side
    FME 500 Boom mower for carrier vehicles with carrier vehicles with low payload front mounted up to 6.5 m above cabin
    FME 500 DB Boom mower for two-way application front mounted up to 6.5 m above cabin
    FME 600 Boom mower with large reach front mounted up to 7.4 m above cabin