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  • The MRK 300 G verge mower in operation.

    MRK 300 G

    The verge mower MRK 300 G is perfect for near roadside mowing work, either right-hand or left-hand operation. Due to its low height, this mowing device is suitable for use underneath crash-barriers. The speed for evasive movements when approaching an obstacle can be adjusted continously at the control unit. An automatic pressure relief system minimises the ground pressure of the mowing head. The special construction of the safety mowing shaft reduces danger of ejected material to a minimum.

    The mowing head can be optionally equipped with two established cutter shaft concepts that are configured for special operating situations.

    Front end <3,5 m (depending on the type of tractor)

    Optimised front end

    The extremely compact frame and tank construction and the tip-up sensor arm of MRK 300 G is keeping a front mounting dimension under 3.5m (in many types of tractors)!

    The guidelines from the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation are thus complied with, no further measures such as camera or mirror systems are required. Of course, the complete functionality of the verge mower is maintained despite the enormously compact dimensions!

    Technical specificationsReach diagram
    Reach*up to 3 m right-/left-hand side

    Reach diagram of the MRK 300 G
    DriveFront PTO-shaft
    Special features
    • Electro-hydraulic control with mowing head relief system
    • Road speed-related automatic obstacle detector
    • Automatic parking system
    • Mowing head with safety or flail shaft
    • Short front end (depending on the tractor type < 3.5 m)

    *All range data indicated refer to the maximum possible values measured from the centre of the vehicle and with a 1.20m mowing head