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A new specialist for coarse work – the BRK 1200 with new design!

The brushwood shredding rotor head BRK 1200 now comes with improved cutter shape and shaft

The new WS-cutter for the BRK 1200

The new MULAG brushwood shredding rotor head BRK 1200 is renowned as a specialist for really coarse work – cutting branches of up to 8 cm diameter with its improved cutter shaft design, it provides added performance and better cutting results when shredding dense shrubbery. It is suitable for many different applications, primarily in forestry and at railway track embankments, but also at the far side of roadside verges.

With its closed design, the innovative cutter shaft effectively reduces jamming in the shrubbery to a minimum; the mowing head passes obstacles with greater ease. Thanks to a patented further development of the shape of the cutting blade, the cutting result is improved compared to the old cutter. The mowing head can be adjusted to two drive levels up to max. 45 kW for much more flexible use.

The new cutter shape of the BRK 1200 increases the efficiency and reliability and has the following benefits:

  • The cutter can fully avoid all obstacles
  • The large mass is as close as possible to the cutting width
  • Higher cutting force
  • The special cutter geometry and mass distribution ensure that the centrifugal forces move the cutter to the optimum contact point as soon as it reaches operating speed
  • With screwed connections to allow replacement of individual cutters
  • Closed design of the flail shaft for easy access to cutter blade bearings: Each cutter blade can be replaced individually without dismantling the cutter shaft.
  • The screws are arranged in such a way as to exclude a load on the screws from centrifugal forces (principle of multi-element cutter fastening).
  • Self-sharpening thanks to cutter geometry

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