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FSG 2000 attached to GHA 700

Professional wood maintenance

In addition to mowing and verge and ditch cleaning, MULAG power arm attachments can also be used for professional wood maintenance

The branch and hedge cutter AWS 2200 cuts branches of up to 110 mm. For cutting branches of a diameter of up to 150 mm, we recommend the MULAG free zone cutter FSG 2000 with four separately driven circular saw blades. This powerful attachment offers premium efficiency in terms of operating speed and cutting quality.

BSF 500 in application

Clears away any stump

The stump grinder BSF 500 can be used with all MULAG power arm attachments. The hydraulic cross shifting device provided in most MULAG mowers perfectly complements working with the BSF 500. Directly driven via a hydraulic motor, the finely balanced cutting wheel runs smoothly and without vibrations.

  • More application photos

    AWS 2200 at work
    FSG 2000 in Detail
    AWS 2200 at work clearing branches