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SB 500 at the motorway central reservation

Mowing and collecting

In particular along motorways, cut grass and shrubbery must be collected to avoid increasing the verge height. To this end, MULAG offers the grass-collecting telescopic arm machines SB 500 and SB 600.

Attachments for mowing

With their working widths of 1.20 m and 1.60 m, the mowing heads AMK 1200 and AMK 1600 are perfect for mowing and collecting grass along motorways and dual carriageways. Other working widths, for example for mowing between the central barriers, available on request.

HSK functional diagram

Other attachments

The rear-mounted devices SB 500 and SB 600 are also suitable for cutting and collecting hedges in the area of the central barriers. Specifically for this application, MULAG developed the hedge trimmer head HSK 1200. It has a particularly high safety standard to prevent flying off of branches or stone chips.
The collecting power arm mowers can furthermore be used for clearing verges, ditches or grassed areas of garbage. The garbage collection head USK 1200 has been provided for this purpose.

Environmentally friendly mowing in professional road maintenance

The new MULAG greenery maintenance head is based on a disc mowing principle, but cannot be compared with the systems available on the market so far. It is also equipped with a mechanical scraper device. By scaring up the insects in the grass in good time and picking up the mowed material by means of targeted air guidance and a largely closed base, considerably fewer living organisms get into the mowing head. The cutting unit's contact surfaces have been minimised by an innovative concept, and an increased cutting height ensures ecologically friendly mowing. As a side effect, the collection of the mowed material creates meagre green patches, which form a very good basis for flowering vegetation.

The new MULAG mowing concept transforms the requirements for a more ecological road maintenance service into a practical and efficient process which makes a decisive contribution to the insect- and plant-friendly maintenance of the roadside greenery

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    USK 1200 picking up garbage
    AMK 1200 at work