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GRG 650 at work

Ditch cleaning

Operative draining ditches are an important component of flood control and must be kept free of foliage, soil, and stones. The MULAG ditch cleaning implement GRG 650 for attachment to the MULAG power arm is tailored to the job. The GRG 650 cleans existing ditches and cuts the ditch floor deeper if required.

Earth auger

The earth auger EBG drills holes for planting and for mounting reflector and fence posts. The standard drill has a diameter of 250 mm. Other sizes are available on request.

HS 2400 at work

Ditch and road embankment cleaner HS 2400

The self-moving ditch cleaner HS 2400 offers unique performance and efficiency. The location of the cabin directly above the power arm gives the operator an excellent view of the working attachment, for example the verge cutter, verge shovel, or ditch shovel with its adjustable diameter. From the cabin, the operator not only controls the ditch cleaner but also all the functions of the carrier vehicle – for true one-man operation.

  • More application photos

    HS 2400 at work cleaning a ditch
    EBG – drilling a hole for a traffic sign