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Optimised cutter for the GMK 1200

Undergrowth mowing head GMK 1200 with new cutter shape for more power!

Improved mowing performance of the GMK 1200

Another highlight in our portfolio is the MULAG undergrowth mowing head GMK 1200 with improved mowing power which cuts branches up to 6 cm. By reversing the sense of rotation, the GMK 1200 can be used as a mowing head for grass and for coarse undergrowth. The newly developed and patented cutters with two different cutting directions and matching cutter geometry optimise the cutting result of this innovative tool. It has the following benefits:

  • The cutter can fully bypass all obstacles (slipping shaft)
  • With two cutting directions for different mowing jobs (forwards for grass and backwards for undergrowth)
  • Different blade geometries in both senses of rotation
  • Stepped blade edge for the undergrowth cutting direction for improved shrubbery collection
  • Cutters are self-sharpening (up to a point)
  • Large mass is as close as possible to the center of the cutter shaft
    (a relatively large mass remains also when cutter blades are worn)
  • Even wear of the cutter blades
  • Higher cutting force

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