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Important navigational elements of the MULAG website

How to navigate

To find your way easily through the structure of the website you can use the company navigation menu on top of each page - a colored accentuation of the respective menu label marks the active page area. In the central application menu slide-down menu items can be selected with a mouse-click to jump to a specific application topic. The same applies to the main navigation column on the left side: If you want to jump to another area of the website you can select it with one mouse click.

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For Technical Problems

Our website is designed to be displayed on as many computer platforms and browsers as possible. Also, most mobile devices and tablets should cope with this website standard as well. If you ever have problems with the presentation of our pages yet, you these notes may help further:

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Although we have deliberately sought compatibility with a wide range of browsers, it is recommended to use the latest browser versions for optimum viewing. Older browser versions below Internet Explorer 7.0+ or Firefox 3x should no longer be used since part of the user interface and content can not be displayed properly with them.

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In order to be able to use many comfortable functions, like for example the lightbox image pop-up to enlarge small pictures on the website in an overlay windwow, you should activate Java-script support with your browser. This enables more user-friendly additional functionalities with navigation and forms and makes the use of our website more enjoyable.

If you need further assistance and support

We would be glad to be of assistance to you in any case of questions concerning our website or other support –
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