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Refurbished Comet 6D

The Certified Refurbished process explained in detail

Our Comet towing tractors are perfect to be used in many working situations on airports and in the industry. Their design is based on an independent chassis especially developed for that purpose. Thus we achieve optimal load balance and outstanding dynamical characteristics as well as quick and easy access to all important service points and components.

Certified refurbished MULAG products provide you with an excellent and cost-effective alternative to new products. That goes along with a manufacturer‘s warranty of 6 months and the advantage of a complete refurbishment by the original manufacturer – a new level of quality for the used vehicle market compared to standard offers.

Reconditioned brake calliper

If your operation requires efficient and well-adapted tractors and does not require the acquisition of a new vehicle this is the solution for you.

Our offer provides a cost-effective solution for the procurement, replacement or coverage of a GSE vehicle fleet. The reconditioned tractors are reliable and safe with a much longer operational lifetime compared to other used vehicles on the market. The fast availability is another big advantage. Optional equipment packages can also be ordered for industrial and military applications.

The sophisticated design of MULAG towing tractors make their use highly economical and efficient:

  • High-quality workmanship of the tractors based on MULAG standards in design and construction.
  • Low wear due to the use of especially hardened materials on critical points of the vehicle.
  • Overdimensioned vehicle specifications establish powerful advantages in daily intensive use.
  • Well-designed operator’s ergonomics with excellent view onto the working area results in productivity.
  • Fast and reliable long-term availability of spare parts and service information provided online by MULAG connect 24/7.

Begin of refurbishment
Used vehicle is brought back to MULAG for further processing.

The condition of the vehicle is assessed on the basis of a comprehensive checklist. This is where our decades of experience with ground support equipment come in.

Reconditioning and repair
Together with proven partners, we renew the vehicle from scratch, addressing drive train and engine as well as bodywork and painting.

Adjustment and testing
The vehicle is optimally adjusted again and the restored condition is extensively tested.

Systematic reprocessing is the solution
The expertise of being one of the leading manufacturers of GSE in Europe has a positive
effect on the quality of our remanufacturing process: With first hand experience of
designing and manufacturing towing tractors for decades we only want to deliver top
services. In order to guarantee this, our Comet tractors are checked and reconditioned
in a precisely defined quality procedure using more than 60 quality parameters.

Our workflow for certified quality
Quality checklist Documents and markings
Safety and security
Vehicle chassis
Operator‘s cab
Driving characteristics
Steering System
Braking system
Electrical system
Drive unit (axles and transmission)
Suspension system
Hydraulic system and lubrication
Bodywork and painting

Only with a strictly defined workflow it is possible to guarantee top-level quality.

  • Link to the sales team

    For further information about our MULAG Certified Refurbished products please contact our sales team. They will be happy to inform you about the options with a high quality refurbished vehicle from the original manufacturer.

    > Contact to the sales team