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  • Fuel cell tractor Comet 4FC
    Fuel cell tractor Comet 4FC

    Comet 4FC

    The Comet 4FC is the ideal solution for baggage handling in sorting areas, on the apron and for indoor industrial use. With its electrical drive and power generation using a fuel cell system by Plug Power the towing tractor is CO2 emission free and thus ideally suited for indoor use as well as continuing powerful operation on the airport apron.

    The built in fuel cell generates electrical energy through a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen and provides power for the conventional electrical engine of the vehicle, clear water and heat are the only emissions being generated in this process. The refuelling with hydrogen takes only a few minutes thus the vehicle qualifies for 24/7 operation.

    Engine and power train
    Engine Engine Axle integrated AC motor
    Performance 30 kW
    Power train Fuel cell Plug Power
    Nominal voltage 80 V DC
    Continous power max. 15 kW
    Hydrogen storage 1.8 kg
    Hydrogen pressure 350 bar
    Fill time max. 3 minutes 
    Power data Drawbar pull 20 kN
    Trailing load* 11.5 t (acc. to BGV C10 at 30 km/h)
    30 t with reduced speed
    Miscellaneous Brakes Hydraulic dual-circuit brake system, front disc brake,
    rear disc brake combined with parking brake
    (electro-hydraulic spring brake)
    Steering Hydraulic steering system
    Front axle Leaf spring mounted heavy steering brake axle
    with disc brakes and shock absorbers
    Rear axle Leaf spring mounted heavy differential axle with disc brake
    Driving speed up to 30 km/h

    *on dry and level ground

    Dimensions and weights
    Dimensions Length (without tow hitch) 3740 mm
    Width 1320 mm
    Height (with cabin) 2035 mm
    Loading platform height 1050 mm
    Loading platform size 1160 x 2030 mm
    Chassis Wheel base 1870 mm
    Track width (front/rear) 1100 mm / 1100 mm
    Ground clearance approx. 160 mm
    Turning circle (outer wheel) approx 3500 mm
    Wheels/tires (front) 195/75 R 16 C
    Wheels/tires (rear) 195/75 R 16 C
    Weights Dead weight (incl. fuel cell) approx. 4200 kg

    Deviations possible depending on configuration (approx. specification ± 5%)