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  • Conveyor belt vehicle Orbiter 9

    Orbiter 9

    With its extended belt length the Orbiter 9 is applicable even under difficult conditions. Many useful features like for example safety supports for work underneath the conveyor belt are serial equipment – this results in an interesting allround vehicle. 

    Engine and power train
    Motor data Engine Diesel engine LPG engine AC motor
    Performance 36.4 kW at 2300 rpm 46 kW at 2700 rpm 12 kW
    Emission standard EU V / US T4f or EU IIIA EU V / EPA T2
    Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Direct drive
    Miscellaneous Brakes Hydraulic dual-circuit system with hydraulic brake booster, disc brake at front, disc brake at rear as parking and service brake (electrohydraulic spring brake)
    Steering Hydraulic steering
    Front axle Steering drive axle with disc brakes (2 brake calipers per wheel)
    Rear axle Rigid axle
    Electric system 24 V Battery 2x 100 Ah 24 V Battery 2x 100 Ah Continuous Curtis drive control with automatic deceleration, 80 V traction drive, 24 V vehicle electrics
    Tank capacity 60 l Diesel 60 l LPG
    Hydraulic aggregates 5 kW electric engine with gear pump for belt drive and steering / brake booster
    Driving speed up to 25 km/h

    Dimensions and weights
    Dimensions Vehicle length 9100 mm
    Vehicle width 2190 mm
    Vehicle height (with cabin) 2109 mm
    Chassis Wheel base 3100 mm
    Track width 1914 mm
    Ground clearance (lowest point) approx. 160 mm
    Turning circle (outer contour) 8400 mm
    Wheels/tires 215/75 R 16
    Weights Dead weight Diesel/LPG approx. 4300 kg, Elektro approx. 5400 kg

    Technical data belt frame
    Dimensions Belt length 8800 mm
    Belt height front (max.) 4572 mm
    Belt height rear (max.) 980 mm
    Belt height front (transport) 1116 mm
    Belt height rear (transport) 453 mm
    Inclination angle (max.) 24° IATA (22° CE)
    Belt width 600 mm
    Miscellaneous Belt speed 0 - 0.8 m/s
    Belt load (max.) 135 kg/m
    Single load (max.) 400 kg

    Deviations possible depending on configuration (approx. specification ±5%)