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High-tech at all stages of our production

The high quality of our products results among other things from the consequent application of the latest production methods. Strict quality demands are being applied in every step – starting already with basic components of our products.

Modern continous flow production

The refinement and splitting-up of our products in concise modules – bearing in mind the different existing vehicle characteristics and customer options – and the introduction of continuous flow production resulted in an increased vehicle quality with reduced complexity and costs.

A Comet towing tractor for example needs 4 work cycles of continuous flow production to be assembled: Beginning with the implementation of components for the front and rear axle, continuing with the cabin, engine, wiring harness and electrics, tires and the installation of all inlying components and main breaking drums, until the final electric installation, testing and adjustment the throughput time was reduced by 50%.

Production with large capacities

With the construction of a assembly shop for plant II and other projects the capacities were created early for a fast expanding market. The company is able to cope even with large assignments or projects in minimum time and is thus in a good starting position for the future.


The two production locations underwent a considerable change to their state-of-the-art status today: Consistent improvement of the production conditions, the increased ergonomics of every workplace, the refinement in the staging of materials and the continued integration of test cycles are only a few examples of a successful look at the future.