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Requirements in our suppliers

Manufacture of a cutter shaft with a welding robot

The success of our company greatly depends on our suppliers' performance. This is why our purchasing department is constantly on the lookout for new, capable suppliers that effectively contribute to improving our customers' satisfaction. The following characteristics are typical for strong partners of our company:

Adherence to schedules

High flexibility, reliability, and the ability to solve problems are among your key competences.


Cost responsibility

One of the major elements of our cost accounting is the price setting of our suppliers.
For this reason, we expect your pricing to be transparent.


Responsibility for quality

You are using an up-to-date, efficient quality assurance system. Your quality assurance philosophy is based on the "zero defect strategy", and you are looking for continuous improvement in terms of costs, quality, delivery times and service.


Warranty extensions

For certain projects, we expect you to offer warranty extensions beyond the statutory periods of time. As a strong partner, you should be able to meet this requirement.



Energy efficiency is also used as an evaluation criterion in the procurement of machinery and equipment. In addition to technical and economic considerations, we also require an offer from the supplier for the best solution according to current environmental and energy concerns.


Protection of the environment

We implement an environmental management system and also expect from our suppliers that the environmental idea is systematically implemented in the company. Resources and energies are used selectively and economically in order to minimise the occurrence of environmentally harmful emissions such as noise, residual materials, waste and waste water through appropriate technical and organisational measures. We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance.



We expect to cooperate with competent partners in the procurement market who support us with their creativity and innovative capacity. To reach this goal, you use tools as for example value analysis, standardisation, etc. Furthermore, you are familiar with concepts such as "Kanban" and "Just-in-time" and actively use them.