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MULAG vehicles then and now

    • Prototype of a MULAG Tricycle Type DL-6 "Lastenkuli", around 1953

    • An early Tricycle DM-10 with tree spray unit, around 1955

    • The improved MULAG Tricycle M-3, around 1957

    • Mulag-Fourcycle M-4 around 1957

    • MULAG-Fourcycle MD 22-4 around 1959

    • One of the rarely constructed all-wheel-driven ALU 160 in the year 1964

    • Sewer Cleaning Vehicle ATÜMAT around 1961

    • High Load Transporter SK 25 for use in iron and steel works and in the mining industry around 1962

    • All-Wheel Drive Dumper ALM 800, in 1964

    • All-Wheel Drive Shovel Loader AS 400, around 1965

    • One of the first Luggage Loading Transporters FBW 6000

    • Self-propelled Conveyor Belt FBS 500, around 1965

    • Ditch and Embankment Clearance Machine in operation for the Forest Administration in Wolfach

    • Prototype of a Junior-Schleppers in 1972

    • Rear Mounted Mower TM 600

    • Self-collecting Suction Mower SB 400 Z and Verge Mower RMB

    • Franz Zimmermann on one of the first Tracked Mowers RM 40

    • Development of a support vehicle for wheelchair users along with the Björn-Staiger Foundation

    • The first MULAG Front Mounted Mower FME 400

    • Erich Huber with a transporter carrying and exchanging beater wheels at a coal power station

    • Container Transporter MC 7A at Hamburg Airport

    • Tracked mower RM 70

    • Towing tractor Comet 4H

    • MULAG Ditch and Embankment Clearance Machine HS 2400 on a Mercedes-Benz Actros

    • The Triomower consisting of MKM 700 and MHU 800

    • The Towing Tractor Comet 12 in pushback operation at Duesseldorf Airport

    • The biggest MULAG Tunnel Washer TWG 600-L on Mercedes-Benz Actros

    • Photovoltaic Washer FWG 700

  • 60 years ago, MULAG started to manufacture vehicles for farming. The first products were three-, then four-wheel tractors for agricultural purposes. The saturation of the post-war tractor market forced the company to re-orient its product range with a focus on sewer cleaning vehicles, construction machines and heavy goods vehicles for the industry.

    In the 1960s and 70s, the company defined the business sectors it is still working today: airport ground support vehicles and roadside maintenance vehicles. The focus is on towing tractors, container transporters and conveyor belt vehicles for airport ground support, as well as on roadside maintenance equipment for attachment to Daimler Unimogs and other carrier vehicles.