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History of the company MULAG

Intending to manufacture farming vehicles, Heinz Wössner founded the company Huber & Wössner GbRB in Bad Peterstal on 01 August 1953; together with his partner Josef Huber he later changed the company to an OHG ('Offene Handelsgesellschaft' or general partnership).

The master craftsman Heinz Wössner, a car mechanic, was able to use his lively inventive talent to the benefit of the company; already in 1955, he left the small fitter's workshop at the Engelberg in Bad Peterstal to move into his new building at Stöckmatt. At that time, he employed 17 blue-collar and 4 white-collar workers. Before long, the new company won its first export deals with the three- and four-wheel agricultural vehicles; as a punchy name, the products were called MULAG, the acronym of "Motor Universal Lasten-Arbeitsgeräte" (motorized universal load equipment). On 01 April 1964, the company was renamed MULAG Fahrzeugwerk Heinz Wössner KG, with Heinz Wössner as sole partner.

  • However, the company began to suffer from the saturation of the post-war tractor market. This trend resulted in a re-orientation with a focus on sewer cleaning vehicles, construction machines, and heavy goods vehicles for industrial use. Drawing on his constant flow of ideas and creative power, Heinz Wössner in the 1960s and 70s developed today's business sectors airport ground support vehicles and roadside maintenance vehicles; here, the company is one of the market leaders in Europe. The products "Made in Renchtal" are exported to countries all over the world. Today, the company has 300 employees and two sites in Bad Peterstal and in Oppenau-Löcherberg. For decades, the training of the junior staff has been one of the company's top priorities. Nowadays, the company is managed by the third generation of the Wössner family.

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