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Roadside maintenance

Trade Fairs 2014

Roadside Maintenance

IFAT, Munich
05 - 09 May 2014

Galabau, Nuernberg
17 - 20 September 2014

Interoute & Ville, Lyon
07 - 09 October 2014

 Product Range


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Innovative technologies for roadside maintenance

MULAG is the leading manufacturer of mowing equipment with a comprehen-sive product range for Daimler Unimog and other carrier vehicles. Besides verge mowers and slope mowers (with or without suction system) up to a reach of 8.7 m, MULAG offers equipment combinations of up to 3 devices mounted on one vehicle to be used at the same time. All power arms can be equipped with many working attachments providing year-round operations in the field of roadside maintenance.

 Roadside Maintenance Equipment

Product category 


Reflexion post

MLM 200

Verge Mowers

MRM 300

Front-mounted mowing

MFK 400                      MFK 500
FME 500

MFK 500-T                    FME 600

Rear-mounted mowing

MHU 800                      ME-700-DB
SB 500
SB 600

Mowing combinations

MKF 600                       MKM 700
Trio mower

MKV 800

Working attachments

Hedging / siding up           Snow blower
Clearing attechement          Brush systems
Embankment maintenance   Mowing heads

Tractor equipment

Verge Mowers               Front mounted
Reflexion post mower       Rear mounted
Central mounted              Combinations


Special vehicles

Product category


Tracked mower

RM 70

Ditch and road bank cleaner

HS 2400