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Verge clearing device BRG 1000 in operation

Clearing attachment

The large versatility of the MULAG-power arm along with our vast range of working attachments gives maximum utilisation throughout the year. Besides roadside maintenance attachments we also have equipment for specialised work - Further details on request.


All working attachments are easily exchanged by the MULAG quick-change-system. This saves time – time you can use for working



 Overview clearing attachments






BRG 1000 (front)

BRG 1000 (rear)

For the cleaning of overgrown verges

Working width
1000 mm

Cutting thickness
bis 80 mm

415 kg

GRG 650

For drilling holes, e.g. for road signs

Milling Wheel Diameter
650 mm


Wheel Speed  
500 rpm

245 kg



For drilling holes, e.g. for road signs

Auger length
900 mm

250 mm

110 kg