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The Pulsar 7 SL container pallet transporter

Pulsar 7 SL

With the SL sideloader system the Pulsar 7 SL is not only able to load/unload front and rear sided, but as well lefthand (or righthand sided, depending on the layout of the steering system) all current LD- and MD-container-pallets. Rolls and Rollers are divided into two independent sections, thus being able to transport sideways (90° angle), as well – changing the direction within 1 second! Thus the Pulsar 7 SL is extremely versatile in its application on airports.

 Technical specifications

Load capacity

7000 kg

 Pulsar 7 SL

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Deutz-Diesel 64 kW (87 HP)*

Rolls/ Rollers

2 (independent)


length 5.110 mm
width  3.790 mm
heigth 2.150 mm


hydrostatic drive, sideloading system

*other technical equipment on demand