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Free zone cutter FSG 2000 in operation

Hedging and siding up

The large versatility of the MULAG-power arm along with our vast range of working attachments gives maximum utilisation throughout the year. Besides roadside maintenance attachments we also have equipment for specialised work - Further details on request.


Especially for hedge trimming work or the siding up of small trees or bushes you need to have the correct working attachments. Our product range in this field offers you efficient and attractive solutions. 

 Overview attachments for hedging and siding up



Working width

Cutting thickness


BSF 500

grinding every kind of stumps

Diameter grinding wheel 500 mm

rate of cut 40 mm

130 kg

GMB 2000

For cutting branches, twigs and undergrowth

2000 mm

up to 40 mm

130 kg

AWS 2200

For cutting branches, twigs and undergrowth

2200 mm

up to 80 mm

210 kg

HSK 1200

For chaffing hedges and shrubbery

1200 mm

up to 20 mm

310 kg

FSG 2000

For clearing walkways and road sides

2000 mm

up to 150 mm

235 kg